An exchange between South Africa and the United Kingdom.

For Peace Day 2012 our Grade 1 and Grade 8 class got together to fill a box with goodies that are typically South African, and the Class in the UK did the same with goodies typically British.

We had lots of fun trying to think of what things are typical for us. It's not easy to put boerewors and a braai into a box, but we did manage Mrs Balls Chutney!

In a week or two, when we have both received one another's parcels, we will have a Skype Video Chat with one another and discuss the contents of our boxes and ask questions that we may have.

Here are a few pictures of our box and some of the students & teachers involved in sending to the UK. To watch a short clip on our Skype Chat, please scroll down.
Grade 1.jpg
Grade 1's!

Grade 8.jpg
Grade 8's!

Mrs Balls Chutney!

The teachers involved giving the parcel a send off!

full box.jpg
Full of lovely things!

All wrapped up and heading for the Post Office!

Our Peace Pod Arrives!

THEIR Peace Pod Arrives from US!
It was lovely to see the class that we had sent our parcel to!

Our Skype Chat!