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The world around us that once seemed huge and unreachable, has over the last decade or two become a global village where interaction between people from all nations around the globe have virtually instant access to one another. With this in mind, we use whatever platforms we can to connect our learners with other classrooms around the world, thereby flattening out our classroom walls and inviting them to explore the world.

We have been involved in a couple of global projects this year and are finding more and more ways to connect. Technology moves and changes so quickly that even the short You Tube clip below, could be hugely updated!

  • The Grade 4 - UAE Cultural Exchange (which unfortunately we were unable to complete due to their school year being different to ours.) Done via the above Wiki.
  • The Grade 2 - Weather Exchange with Switzerland - Using Skype
  • The Grade 2 - Flat Rosie with Australia - Using Twitter (ICT Teacher), Blogs, and Mail.
  • The Global Peace Day Movie Project with schools around the world - using Movie Maker / Dropbox Sharing
  • The Grade 1 & Grade 8 Peace Day POD Exchange with the UK and Skype Chat to follow.

  • 2013 Began with the Travelling Rhino Project! Please see their Wiki for our involvement.
  • The Grade 4 -9: World Maths / Science / Literacy Day via World Education Games.
  • The Grade 6's : Edmodo "Country & Government Project" with Sydney Australia.
  • The Grade 8's "Mystery Skype" with Bucharest, Romania for NS.

The list will be ongoing, so please feel free to visit and see what we are up to!

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